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 Banner And Avatar Specifications

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Miss Ashraf

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Miss Ashraf

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PostSubject: Banner And Avatar Specifications   Banner And Avatar Specifications Icon_minitimeSat Jun 30, 2007 9:04 am

Dear Users !

In order to make forum loading fast and rapid we have to apply some restrictions on banners usage, as heavy banners make threads heavy so they take time to get uploaded, resultantly forum gets slow. all the users are requested to follow these restrictions

For Banner Restrictions are as under

Size= 70K
Height= 150 pix
Width=500 pix

Maximum relaxation allowed is as under

Size= 100K
Height= 180 pix
Width= 550 pix

For Avatar the restrictions are as under

Width=200 pix
Height=150 pix

Anyone Found Breaking the Rules and Regulations Of The Forum ... Will be Given ONE Chance for a Week to Update their Avators or Banners According to Rules ... AnyOne Seen or Noticed not Taking any action within ONE week ... They Might loose their Avator or/and Banner ... And Management Team will not Be AnswerAble ...

Users Will Be Informed Through PM & will be Given One Week To Act Upon ....!
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Banner And Avatar Specifications
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